Why the project has a cost?

Little Night Stars is a community based on people’s involvement.
Becoming a member means that you not only can purchase the Kit to create your story, but you also help us to preserve the importance of creativity, emotions and spending time together and to spread the values in which families all around the world firmly believe in and that should be the foundations for our children’s future .

It all starts with a kit and a little imagination!

  • Order your Little Night Stars Kit to join our community, and start writing and drawing the stories from your heart with your kids!
  • Once you receive your Kit, head over to your account area and enter the number under the barcode printed on the back of the notebook. Once you’ve done this, we’ll be able to connect your notebooks full of bedtime stories to your account.

Once you've written your story…

  • Mail the envelope with your notebook (the one you wrote and illustrated your story in), to our editors, using the designated pre-printed label.
  • We’ll publish your story on Little Night Stars and send you an email containing the instructions to access the free 6-month subscription to all of the stories written by other parents and children that participated, just like you.

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Your personalized book

Have you finished writing your bedtime story? Do you want to keep it forever or give it as a gift to your loved ones? Purchase your personalized, printed book. We’ll worry about editing it, printing it, and delivering it! All you have to do is grab it from your mailbox and reread it with your kids whenever you want!

Special edition

The most beautiful tales will be published in a new collection, embellished with illustrations from the artists that work with Little Night Stars, so let your imagination run wild…your story could be featured!

The KIT includes:

  • a white notebook in which you can write and draw your story with your children;
  • a brochure with instructions to participate in our community, and some text, characters, and other inspiration to help you create your story;
  • a Little Night Stars sticker;
  • a Little Night Stars pin;
  • a Little Night Stars confetti balloon;
  • a preprinted label to send us your finished notebook.