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Brillina and the Field of Watermelons

| Rome

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, there was a tiny and beautiful fairy named Brillina with extraordinary magical powers.

She lived in a small hole in the trunk of a tree. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and was sweet, gentle and irresistibly amusing.

But most important, Brillina could cast incredible spells thanks to her super Magic Wand that the fairy queen of the woods gave to her as a gift. Brillina used it to spread joy and calm to all the inhabitants of the forest.

That’s why everyone loved her!

Brillina spent her days flitting from here to there, collecting berries, mosses, and herbs to decorate her small house and to bake tasty cakes for her friends.

One night, the little fairy awoke to a strange rustling that sounded like buzzing bees. She got up from her bed, looked out the window of her small house and saw in the distance a group of witches flying very fast towards the enchanted forest, frightening all of Brillina’s little bird friends along the way.

Eek, what a scare!

It was Malù the evil witch and her sisters who lived together in a forest very different from Brillina’s. Their forest was dark and always covered with snow. It was a place where spring never sprung and the sun never touched.

Who knows what those ugly witches wanted?!

“Surely they are looking for me!” thought Brillina. “They will want to steal my super Magic Wand!”

Brillina knew that on her own she would never win against so many witches so she quickly escaped and started to fly away as fast as she could. Brillina escaped and few fast, but the ugly witches kept getting closer. Brillina was so scared!

As she flew at the speed of light, holding her magic wand tightly, Brillina noticed a field of watermelons in the distance. She used to spend hours in the company of her round watermelon friends!

Brillina loved the sweet, red fruit. It was so refreshing that she felt like frolicking in the field. She loved to sit in the cool shade of their big shadows that sheltered her from the sun on hot summer days.

Brillina approached the watermelons and shouted to them, “My friends, Malù the witch and her sisters are chasing me! They want to steal my Magic Wand… help me!”

And so the, watermelons hid Brillina under their rough leaves. Exhausted by fear and the mad rush of fleeing, she soon fell asleep.

Brillina stayed hidden for a long, long time. Then, as the sun rose, the watermelons woke her up: “The danger has passed, my friend,” they told her, “you can go back to your lair, the ugly witches have gone away!”

Brillina was so happy that she leaped into the air and flew around, twirling and dancing in happiness!

But now she had to thank her watermelon friends.


Boom… a wave of her magic wand and the watermelons became even more shiny and sparkly!

Boom… another wave and they became even rounder and more full of sweet juice!

Boom… one more wave and they were bathed in fresh water droplets!

And finally boom… with the last touch of the wand, the watermelons became even bigger, so big that they could be seen from every corner of the enchanted forest!

Brillina returned to her tree where all the animals of the forest were waiting for her. Those who hadn’t seen her fluttering about and noticed she was missing for days had looked for her far and wide.

Brillina and her forest friends organized a big party and invited the guests of honor, the magical watermelons that were now even taller, bigger and more brilliant than ever like the morning dew. The watermelons were named guardians of the fairies and enchanted woods and were ready to scare off any other evil witches by spraying their magic juice into the air and blinding the witches with all the sparkle that Brillina the fairy had gifted them.

And so from that day forward, everyone lived happily ever after together in the woods!

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