Jacopo and Costanza

The Golden Plum

| Rome
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Once upon a time, on a green hill that overlooked a small village, there was a very large tree with thick foliage that every summer for years had always sheltered the village folk in its shadow.

In the refreshing shadow of that tree everyone rediscovered a magical energy: the children laughed out loud, the young fell in love, while the elderly finally found a much desired place to rest their feet that made them forget the weight of the years.

However, this magic lasted briefly, only during the short time people spent in the tree’s shadow under its leaves. Back in the light, the magic vanished. People’s emotions returned to normal and were often dominated by fear and everyday thoughts.

One fresh spring morning, something happened unexpectedly: a very small and bright fruit appeared on the tree! It was so small that at first it was difficult to tell what kind of fruit it was.

As the days passed, the small fruit began to grow and take shape, until finally it became clear to everyone what it was: a wonderful and bizarre golden plum!

People asked themselves,

“Can we eat it?”

“Does it have magical powers?”

“Or perhaps it is poisonous or inedible?”

Just in case, the village people held themselves back and just watched the fruit grow day by day, never mustering up the courage to pick it from the tree.

Spring flew by and summer began and the plum became incredibly large, even gigantic you could say!

Some said: “It’s as big as a watermelon!” “But no!”, others replied, “it is as big as a pig that ate a watermelon!!”

Word spread fast and the legend of the giant golden plum began to reach all of the nearby villages.

A crowd flocked to the plum every day, curious to see it, and the small and isolated village soon became a tourist attraction!

People bet on the plum’s weight and how much more it would grow… “What if it ends up falling from the tree?” the most fearful village folk wondered.

The golden plum was becoming too heavy even for the big tree. Finally, on one crowded afternoon, the strange fruit snapped out of the tree and fell to the ground with a dull thud. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh…” exclaimed the visitors with amazement.

When it hit the ground, the plum began to rock back and forth, first slowly, then faster and faster, until suddenly, as if starting to run, it rolled off toward the village on an unstoppable descent.

People attempted to catch up to the fruit, but it was useless. They looked at the plum with mixed feelings. There were some who were tremendously excited, others who were terrified, and more who couldn’t believe their eyes…

The golden plum rolled and rolled and rolled … It rolled so quickly that it trampled flower beds, fences and everything that stood in its way on its mad dash.

What a mess!! How could something so disastrous have grown on a tree that had brought joy and peace for so long!!

Eventually the golden plum slammed against the most impressive house in the entire village, causing it to tremble and then fall into pieces.

There was plum everywhere!

The village people and tourists who had come from the nearby towns couldn’t believe their eyes. There were shining pieces of plum everywhere!

This time, without fear, they each took a piece of plum and savored every last bite.

What an incredible flavor! It was the sweetest and freshest thing they had ever tasted, with hints of vanilla, coconut and an irresistible caramel aftertaste!

After eating the delicious fruit they realized that something extraordinary was happening inside them too. Slowly their skin turned a warm golden color, and they began to feel incredibly joyous! The feeling of happiness, love, and protection that previously could only be felt by spending time in the giant tree’s shade was now inside the village people’s hearts and would never leave them again.

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