Gabriele and Camilla

White Boat

| Rome

White Boat had a good friend named the White Lighthouse who stood tall on Diamond Point.

Everyday, White Boat left from Safe Harbor and, once out on the Blue Sea, lowered her 7 small dinghies to fish for the extremely rare Golden Cod.

Every evening, White Lighthouse illuminated White Boat with his beam of light to remind her to return to Safe Harbor by following the light on the Blue Sea.

But Black Sail, a large sailboat that was black from bow to stern and from keel to mast, was jealous of White Boat’s Golden Cod..

No matter how hard he tried, Black Sail could only catch Black Eels. At the end of the day he was always forced to wander in the Black Sea of the Night in search of a port large enough to contain his entirety.

One day when evening fell and the Northern Wind blew violently, Black Sail moored himself sideways between White Lighthouse and White Boat, thus preventing White Lighthouse from illuminating the way back to Safe Harbor for White Boat!

Giant waves as black as the Black Sea, began to attack White Boat and her fleet of 7 small dinghies!!
White Boat was on the brink of giving in to the breaking waves and began to tell her 7 small dinghies to dive into the water and save themselves… it seemed to her like there was no use, everything was lost!!!

White Lighthouse warned Blue Tuna, a sparkling and powerful tugboat from the high seas, who headed out to Safe Harbor to rescue White Boat.

Luckily, since the sea was blocked by Black Sail, Blue Tuna was able to sneak up behind Black Sail. Despite the sizeable waves Blue Tuna created along the way, he moved undetected by Black Sail and was able to capsize and sink the boat in a matter of seconds.

Suddenly the sea was once again illuminated by White Lighthouse, and Blue Tuna, after spotting White Boat in difficulty, was able to rescue her by towing her and her 7 small dinghies back to Safe Harbor. From that day on, they met every evening in Safe Harbor in that spot and lived happily ever after.

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