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Eugenio The Globe

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In a small, New York apartment attic, hidden among a thousand boxes all covered in dust and old newspapers, there was a strange white globe made of beautiful brass and mahogany wood.

Over time, many families lived in that house, but no one understood what exactly the globe was for, though they enjoyed using it in most creative ways. Some had used it as a hat hanger, though the hats always ended up slipping to the ground, and others had turned it into a centerpiece, though with its size, the globe blocked guests’ views at the dinner table. So in the end, everyone had convinced themselves that this strange, all-white sphere didn’t do anything at all: it was better to put it in the attic.

After several years, Sebastian and the rest of the Robinson family moved in. It was their turn.

Mr. Robinson’s new job had taken them to New York, but in the Big Apple, Sebastian felt alone and lost. It was so different from the small town where he grew up. He always questioned the move even though he knew in his heart that the most important thing was to keep his family together.

Sebastian, however, was a curious and inventive child who was not easily discouraged by the difficult things in life.

In the first months in the new house, Sebasian had already explored every corner and ended up finding secret hiding places and small marks left by the past tenants! He felt like a real detective and by exploring he began to feel more at home.

Spurred by curiosity one day, he discovered a crank behind a door that when turned, caused a staircase to descend from a trap door on the ceiling.

Curious, albeit a little frightened, he mustered up the courage to climb the steps. And so, Sebastian found himself standing in the small attic, lit only by a skylight and was immediately attracted to the strange white sphere.

He walked closer and to his surprise, a map of the world began to spread across the globe’s surface! It had highlighted and colored in the city of New York!

Sebastian couldn’t believe his eyes! He tried turning the globe several times to see if any other cities had been colored in, but found nothing… just New York.

Was it possible that the globe had highlighted that city as an answer to Sebastian since the boy had questioned New York so many times?

Sebastian took the globe with him (he decided to name it Eugene after the wizard in his favorite comic book) and immediately showed it to his parents.

With great disappointment, Sebastian discovered that the globe’s magic didn’t work on his parents. To them, Eugene was just a white sphere!

Was his mind playing tricks? Trying to help him feel more at home?

To test the globe once and for all, Sebastian decided to invite his friend from school to his house. He had only clicked with one other boy from class because they thought about things the same way and had similar interests. Sebastian showed his friend Eugene.

And just like that the globe turned colors once again, highlighting the city of Paris. The boy’s face filled with wonder.

In that moment Sebastian finally understood that Eugene really was special and decided that he could not continue to keep the globe all to himself.

It was only right to share the globe with everyone who needed it.

And when Sebastian had a great idea! He placed Eugene in a famous museum on display, ready to respond to the wishes of those who could listen to him.

To this day, visitors from every continent wait in long lines to see the globe, but only a few can see their real place in the world highlighted on Eugene, only those really ready to believe in a little magic and to welcome the novelties of life with enthusiasm and generosity.

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